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My Top 5 Healthy But Weird Habits

So I’ve been on this health and wellness journey for a long time. I’ve owned the gym for almost 9 years now. Like everything, it’s constantly evolving as I learn new things and want to test them out myself. I thought it might be fun to post about some of

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4 Tips to Increase Water Intake This Summer

By Coach Brielle When we think about fitness, we tend to think about more than just getting a workout in. We also think about the things around fitness that are also important, like nutrition, stretching, sleep, and water intake. Any fitness guru will preach that you need to drink A

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Pain Science Part 2

By Katie Lauder, DPT In last week’s blog we visited the newer science of “pain science” and talked about pain as an alarm system for your body which is controlled by the brain. The information is fascinating but how can it be of use? A 2021 study by Leake et

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Pain Science

By Katie Lauder, DPT. Pain is an odd thing, isn’t it? It’s a very individualized experience; it is hard to describe and hard to relate to. Yet we all experience pain at some point in our lives. So what is pain?  Somewhat counterintuitively, neuroscience research suggests that pain is a

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