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How I Plunge.

Ever since I heard we were getting the Cold Plunge here at RF, I was excited and anxious to try it out. I’m not a huge fan of being cold, so this is a whole new world to me. My first plunge was definitely a shock to my mind and

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The Other 23 Challenge

The details for the fall wellness challenge are here!  Super excited about this, we’ve never done anything like it before.  We’re calling it “The Other 23 Challenge” The premise being that you spend 1 hour here at the gym per day working out, so this will focus specifically on …

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🎃 My Favorite FALL SMOOTHIE Recipe 🎃

Fall is practically here, y’all and with that comes the DELICIOUS smells and flavors of all that it is!  Today I have my absolute favorite fall smoothie recipe for you to try out! So, get your blenders ready because you will not want to miss out on this one!  HIGH

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Programming this month (September 2022) at RF!

Back Squats! We just crushed a 1RM Back Squat on Aug. 29th and if you feel like you could’ve done more, don’t worry you’ll get your chance! There is going to be uptick in the amount of Back Squats we do over the course of the next couple of months.

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Big News – ResoluteFIT Returns To CrossFit Affiliation!

In 2013, I opened CrossFit Simsbury after leaving the Navy. This is where I learned about CrossFit during my SEAL training and have been doing it ever since. I wanted to bring this style of training back to the Farmington Valley to help empower the people of this community to

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5 Reasons To Embrace The Cold Plunge

The Recovery Room at ResoluteFIT is soon to get an upgrade! The COLD PLUNGE is on it’s way. In a previous blog here ( Coach Brittany breaks down some of the cold plunge basics. Be sure to check that out! This blog talks about WHY you’ll want to add it

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The Cold Plunge @ ResoluteFit

Great news!! The Cold Plunge, our newest amenity and recovery tool is on its way to RF! Here is some basic information about the Plunge: Cold Plunge Tips & Fundamentals: The goal for the Plunge is to create a relationship with cold. You want to take 2-5 minutes per day

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EMOMs, AMRAPs and Rounds!

Often in workouts we use different terms and styles of workouts to promote fitness. Each one has a unique approach and also a specific objective involved. Below we will go over the most common styles of workouts and how they help your fitness! EMOMs (Every minute on the minute): #1:

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By Coach Brielle Here’s the point of view: Your nutrition is better than ever. You have a plan and routine that was developed during the winter and spring months. You are high energy and crushing your workouts. You’re prepping meals on the weekends after your morning grocery shop and you

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Recover Faster & Think Clearer With Fermented Foods

Be honest, when you read this title, you questioned my sanity a little. Hear me out. I just got back from spending 2 days in NYC for a leadership & self-development course at Next Jump. Part of the curriculum was led by a 3-Star Michelin Chef. His goal – to

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