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Unlock the Power of Your Lower Body with the Air Squat

If you’ve been searching for an effective way to strengthen your legs, glutes, and core without using any fancy equipment, look no further than the humble air squat. This foundational movement is one of the most natural and safe exercises you can perform, and it offers a multitude of benefits

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4 Tips to Improve Your Push Press

The Push Press as a movement is a simple concept, but can be a bit complex to efficiently execute. That being said here are some tips to help improve it! [For a quick refresh, the push press starts with the bar on your shoulders, elbows up, and you do a

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Whoop No More: End Of An Era

TL;DR I highly recommend Whoop to understand your body better, it’s a phenomenal teaching tool. After almost 5 years with Whoop I am switching over to my Garmin watch which doesn’t present the data as cleanly as Whoop, but still gives me the main points I’m looking for to optimize

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How To Do The Workout “Murph”

This Friday, May 26, we’ll be doing the hero workout “Murph” in the afternoon. Whether this is your very first Murph or your 10th, it can be helpful to see different ways to do the workout. First, let’s establish some guidelines Second, here is how CrossFit created the workout back

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