Rob Olson owner of ResoluteFIT

Rob Olson

Founder and CEO of ResoluteFIT

Former Navy SEAL, Simsbury native, and avid endurance athlete, Rob found his love for functional fitness in the Navy and continues to use it to improve himself as an athlete and overall health.

He then spent the remainder of his enlistment at SEAL Team 2 in Virginia Beach and finished his bachelor’s degree at George Washington University. After the Navy, Rob returned to the Farmington Valley and opened CrossFit Simsbury in August 2013. The goal was to bring his love for fitness back to his hometown residents, teach them what he grew to know and love about working out and a positive mental attitude, and grow his family. As the years progressed, the gym grew and grew. CrossFit Simsbury changed it’s name to ResoluteFIT in 2020 as we moved apart from the CrossFit brand and we moved to our new building in Granby in 2021. Rob currently lives with his wife Denise who is also the Head Nutrition Coach, and three kids: Blake, Fitzgerald, and Marabelle.

Nick Shea coach at ResoluteFIT

Nick Shea

Head Coach

Nick has been coaching at ResoluteFIT for 5+ years! He played multiple sports in High School and eventually became a D1 athlete in Track and Field. After a few years away from training he found ResoluteFIT and restarted his fitness journey. He started out as just an athlete and developed a love for helping those find what ResoluteFIT gave him, which eventually led to him being the Head Coach!

Brittany Camara coach at ResoluteFIT

Brittany Camara

General Manager

Brittany began her fitness coaching career at the University of Hartford as a Strength and Conditioning Coach after graduating from CCSU in 2018. Being a former Division 1 athlete, she has always had a passion for bettering herself along with everyone around her.

She began her functional fitness journey in July of 2021 and is currently pursuing her MBA at the University of Hartford to further her education in Business Management. Her goal is to continue to inspire and have a lasting impact on all the members in the RF community!

Denise Olson coach at ResoluteFIT

Denise Olson

Head Nutrition Coach

Tim coach at ResoluteFIT



Tim began his coaching career while still in high school as an assistant Pop-Warner football coach. From there his passion for coaching grew and he focused his attention on the sport he loves most, Lacrosse. After many years coaching high school and youth lacrosse as well as officiating, “real life” took over and Tim was out of athletics for about 9 years.

When he found his way back it was through functional fitness. The spark for coaching returned and Tim jumped at the opportunity to help new athletes through their fitness journey at ResoluteFIT.

Kristin coach at ResoluteFIT



Kristin began her functional fitness journey in 2014 after graduating college in search of a mental and physical challenge to replace softball. She loves the wide variety of skills and movements that allow her to continuously improve as an athlete. Inspired by the many coaches she has been fortunate to know, she decided to become a coach at ResoluteFIT to share this knowledge with others.

Cody coach at ResoluteFIT



Cody is well into his second year of coaching. A former D3 lacrosse player, he battled health problems for several years after college. He joined ResoluteFIT in September of 2020 and now finds himself happier and healthier than ever! His goal is to pass that on to others through coaching and has a blast doing it!

Brielle coach at ResoluteFIT


Nutrition Coach

When moving on from collegiate level sports, Brielle found a new love, Olympic Weightlifting and with that, she jumped right into personal training and coaching. One of her greatest goals is to get a barbell in the hands of everyone she meets. Her love of exercise science, nutrition, and everything health related is what keeps her inspired and fired up!


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