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The Other 23 Challenge

The details for the fall wellness challenge are here!  Super excited about this, we’ve never done anything like it before.  We’re calling it “The Other 23 Challenge” The premise being that you spend 1 hour here at the gym per day working out, so this will focus specifically on …

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Big News – ResoluteFIT Returns To CrossFit Affiliation!

In 2013, I opened CrossFit Simsbury after leaving the Navy. This is where I learned about CrossFit during my SEAL training and have been doing it ever since. I wanted to bring this style of training back to the Farmington Valley to help empower the people of this community to

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5 Reasons To Embrace The Cold Plunge

The Recovery Room at ResoluteFIT is soon to get an upgrade! The COLD PLUNGE is on it’s way. In a previous blog here ( Coach Brittany breaks down some of the cold plunge basics. Be sure to check that out! This blog talks about WHY you’ll want to add it

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Recover Faster & Think Clearer With Fermented Foods

Be honest, when you read this title, you questioned my sanity a little. Hear me out. I just got back from spending 2 days in NYC for a leadership & self-development course at Next Jump. Part of the curriculum was led by a 3-Star Michelin Chef. His goal – to

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ResoluteFIT’s Next Big Thing

In life, we like to measure outcomes. Earning more at work Saving more for retirement Kids getting grades in school Sports teams winning or losing games It’s what helps us be objective to see if we are getting the results we want. If we don’t like the results, something needs

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The Evolution of Our Workouts (and what’s new!)

This gym has been in operation now for almost 9 years. Over those 9 years, the programming (daily workouts) has seen an evolution. In the beginning, it was soul crushing CrossFit workout after soul crushing CrossFit workout, every day. The warmup was made up on the spot, the workout had

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My Top 5 Healthy But Weird Habits

So I’ve been on this health and wellness journey for a long time. I’ve owned the gym for almost 9 years now. Like everything, it’s constantly evolving as I learn new things and want to test them out myself. I thought it might be fun to post about some of

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