The Essence Of Murph: Looking Back After 10 Years

“Murph” as it’s known, is a workout in the CrossFit world that has outgrown it’s roots and taken hold in the greater fitness realm as one of the toughest workouts there is … and for good reason. This blog will break down the workout, the hero, and what it means

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Mindset: How To Improve Your Workouts With Just Your Thoughts

3-2-1 … TIME! The Coach calls the workout to an end. What are the thoughts running through your head? Some may even verbalize them to the Coach or others in class, but they typically sound like this: “Wow that was amazing” “I should have gone faster” “I’m dying” “I should

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3 Simple Tips To Make Running Easier

Spring is here and with that comes beautiful warm weather and for some, the desire to start running! Or perhaps maybe you need to do it as part of your favorite gyms daily CrossFit wod … 🙂 Either way, running is a fantastic addition to any functional fitness program routine.

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How To Do The Workout “Murph”

This Friday, May 26, we’ll be doing the hero workout “Murph” in the afternoon. Whether this is your very first Murph or your 10th, it


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