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In life, we like to measure outcomes.

  • Earning more at work
  • Saving more for retirement
  • Kids getting grades in school
  • Sports teams winning or losing games

It’s what helps us be objective to see if we are getting the results we want.

If we don’t like the results, something needs (or should) change.

In health and fitness, we have objective measurements too.

  • Percentage body fat
  • Pounds of muscle
  • How fast you can run a mile
  • How much you can squat
  • How long you can hang from a pullup bar
  • How long you can stand on one leg
  • etc, and many more

Currently we have an InBody machine to measure body fat and muscle, and certain workouts we do can be objectively measured to see if we are improving our fitness.

But one area of health has always been lacking objective measurement – our blood.

Blood work is incredible telling of what is going on inside our body, both good and bad.

Some people get blood work done at their GP annual appointments.  Others never get blood work. 

If you get blood work done, what are your results? 

Do you have them? 

Do you know if you’re ______ levels were high, low, or medium? 

What about optimal?

Did your GP even discuss what the optimal range was?

Did your GP even care about optimal?

Or did you just “pass” what is considered for “normal” today and nothing was discussed at all?

Were your levels trending in the right direction?

We are proud to announce that ResoluteFIT has partnered with Inside Tracker, and now our active members can get 25% off blood work.

InsideTracker is a company that has brought objective measurements of blood testing to the masses, but especially those interested in health and fitness.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a test on
  2. Use the RF code to get 25% off “RESOLUTEPROSPECIAL”
  3. Go to Quest for your blood work
  4. Get the results in about a week
  5. View results on the InsideTracker app or website
  6. Get a score for your blood work
  7. Pick what your goal is (overall health, lose fat, energy, sleep, gut health, etc)
  8. Make action items based off their recommendations to improve your weak markers
  9. Be healthier and more fit
  10. If you are working with ResoluteFIT Nutrition Coaches, you can opt to share this information with them so they can help even more!

Here’s three examples.

Example 1:

You take Vitamin D as a supplement.  Do you know if you are taking the right amount?  What is your blood Vitamin D level?

Next, Inside Tracker will not only tell you your level, but it will tell you what your OPTIMAL level is.  Who wants “average” or “normal”?  Lastly, it will tell you the recommended daily dose to achieve that level.

Example 2:

You sign up for fitness and nutrition at RF.  You’re 2 months in and things are going well with the workouts and your nutrition.  But weight loss has stalled.  You are doing what your nutrition coach is telling you.  In an effort to get more objective information, you get InsideTracker. 

The results?  Cortisol (stress hormone) is high.  Well, we know that your body doesn’t want to lose fat when stress is high.  So bingo! We found the problem.  Now the nutrition coach will work with you to develop habits and hold you accountable to reducing your stress levels.  Finally, once your cortisol levels come down to normal, you will begin to see fat loss.

Example 3:

You just turned 40. You’ve been working out at ResoluteFIT for about 9 months and are enjoying the workouts.

You really want to dial in your health, but your GP is not forward thinking.

After your annual check-up, they offered little meaningful advice besides a generic “workout and eat better” statement.

You decide to do Inside Tracker, and after seeing the results, you book a Goal Setting Session with your favorite Coach.

The Coach helps you decide where you can make tweaks in your workout, nutrition, and overall stress levels.

You decide on adjusting the number of workouts done per week, how many Rs and how many Z2 to do, and a few ways to incorporate stress reduction techniques at home.

Below are some examples from my blood work:

I got the Ultimate test, which measures 43 biomarkers.

I’ll get a re-test in a few months to see what progress I’ve made!

My primary goal was to set a baseline from which to improve upon, and also to check my stress levels after doing an ultramarathon. Was I overtraining? Was I ok? Was I good to do even more? Blood work will tell you 🙂




^ Not every recommendation is a supplement. Far from it actually. This just happens to be the screenshot.



We know this will help many unlock their next level of health and fitness, and continue to push ResoluteFIT to the front of premier health and fitness Coaching in the Farmington Valley!

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