“Is failure in fitness a bad thing?”

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I’m sure everyone has a had one of those days. You pop into the gym and expect to hit things hard, break some personal lifting records and get to walk out with your head held high. Then it seems that when you get going, things just don’t go your way. The barbell seems heavier than normal, your legs don’t want to move and all of the sudden you leave the gym feeling like… “I failed at fitness”. To start, please know that this has happened to everyone; coaches, athletes, you name it. Next, here are some reasons why it isn’t the end of the world!

#1 It is part of the process

Like I said above, this happens to everyone. As you grow and develop as an athlete, you will run into (current) limitations. It’s not a bad thing, in fact you can turn it around and use it as motivation. I personally love it when I fail a lift, it gives me a new weight or number that I want to hit! Don’t let any failure dictate your future outlook in fitness. It is just a pit stop on the way to bigger, faster and stronger things!

#2 It is supposed to happen

When properly training you should have up and downs, it’s called the rule of thirds. A third of your days should be good, bad and in the middle. If every day is amazing, then you may not be pushing hard enough. Conversely, if all days are “bad” then you may need to back off things and take a rest day or two. The point is that you need balance in your workouts and failing can and should happen!

#3 It can be indicating something

If you feel like every time you enter the gym you can’t seem to move or perform well, it may be a great indicator that other parts of fitness need attention. Use failure as a way to self-reflect. Are you eating enough? Is it quality food? Maybe you’ve been neglecting your sleep? Or it could be the classic need for a deload week to allow your body to catchup and recover. Sometimes you need to listen to your body and use your performances to tell you what is happening.

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