When You’re Caught in a Nutrition Slump: 4 Tips to Help

By Coach Brielle

Life has its way of making important things, like nutrition, feel low on the list of priorities when other things pop up and make our week hectic. Crazy work schedules, family chaos, and more. Sometimes it feels easier just to get the convenient food options at the store, or even fast food.

Now add others in the mix, like a partner or children, then dinner can get complicated. One person wants one meal, the other wants something completely different. Opinions are whizzing through the kitchen faster than our brains can handle. And all you want to do is eat something!

There are times when we just won’t feel inspired to have our nutrition in order and that’s ok.

I’m here to remind you of a couple of things: nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated and that its normal to find yourself in a “Nutrition Slump” at times. It comes with the season of our lives but its still something that is important.

Poor nutrition habits can influence how you feel during the day, how you sleep, how good/bad your workouts go and your overall mood! Let’s talk how to find your way out, when in the mix of it.

Here are 4 tips to help improve your nutrition when life gets busy:

  1. Keep the food simple! Make a list of the three main macro-nutrient foods in order of favorite to like-it-but-not-as-much. Do this alone or with everyone in your household! That way when you don’t have a lot of time to decide in the kitchen or at the grocery store, you pick from that list. Then make a list of favorite flavors and marinades! You can keep this list on the fridge in plain sight.
  2. Switch it up when things get boring! Sometimes meal can get a little “blah” after a while, this is the perfect opportunity for you (and others of the household) research new fun (and cheap) recipes! Pinterest has an endless list of recipes, including simple and cheap ones for the whole family. This will also make everyone feel like they have a say and who knows, you may even find something you never thought you’d enjoy just from trying something new!
  3. Stick to the rainbow! We know that choosing vibrant, colorful foods are (usually) the healthiest foods! Well, when these colors are naturally occurring, such as cruciferous greens, beets, sweet potatoes, red onions, and list goes on and on! Whether your household has children or is only adults, this is still a fun way to look at food. The goal is to make your plate as colorful as possible, and remember, no need to break the bank or buy fancy, tropical fruits like dragon fruit, unless you want to! Choosing frozen fruits and veggies can make the food last longer and is easier on your wallet.
  4. Make a menu ahead of time! Another awesome way to keep food simple, easy, but still high on the list of priorities is to pre-plan! Every Saturday make menu for the new week ahead; then on Sunday, go out a get your ingredients! It takes only a few minutes of being intentional but will save you loads of time during the week! The last thing we want to do after a busy day is to come home and open the fridge with no idea what to make or if we have all the ingredients to make it!

4 tips on how to climb out a nutrition slump! Life an get crazy and complicated but eating healthy doesn’t have to be. Keep it simple and remember, sometimes you have to be intentional-but putting energy into eating well will always pay off!



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