4 Tips to Improve your Snatch!

By Coach Nick

#1 Work on “A” then “B” then “C”, not everything at once:

The Snatch is one of, if not the most, complicated movements out there. It involves so many moving pieces that at times it may feel overwhelming. I believe that best way to approach things is in a step by step process. Try to really master one part of it at a time and then move to the next. Develop muscle memory with each different part of the move and it will naturally chain itself together. Trying to fix all things at once can create even more problems as you are dramatically changing the movement and your body is not prepared for that. If you are unsure which part to start at, I always recommend your starting position. You might as well build the move from the ground up (no pun intended)!

#2 Master your approach:

If you watch some of the best lifters in the world, their setup and approach is the same… every single time. That means that you should also be approaching the bar the same for every rep. Maybe you take two steps into the bar and then take a deep breath before grabbing it. You could also step up to it and let out a big shout or grunt. Everyone has a different approach, but it is the same every single time! This makes it very easy to have consistency with each rep, which helps build technique.

#3 Scale things back and work on technique:

This one is the simplest, but most challenging thing to do. Reduce weight and work on form! Doing this gives your mind a chance to focus on what needs work. You can’t do this when it is heavy, the weight must be lighter! The Snatch (and Clean) reach a point where you can’t muscle though it anymore and when that happens, your skill is the only thing that can truly get that weight to go higher! Sometimes you need to lighten things up, in order to go heavier.

#4 Accessory work:

If there is a certain part of your lift that you struggle with, it may help to look for alternative moves that can assist with that. For instance; if you struggle with the lockout overhead you may want to try some Snatch Balances. If you feel like you’re missing some speed under the bar, try some Drop Snatches. The list goes on depending on what you think needs work. If don’t know what to work on, ask your coach what he/she thinks!

Remember that this move takes thousands of reps and years to master. Try not to get frustrated and have fun with it!



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