What Coach Rob Eats In A Day

Here is an overview of what I ate yesterday, April 6th, 2023

Key points:

  • I’m 200lb
  • Not looking to gain or lose weight
  • Eat for performance
  • I don’t weigh or measure, but have years of experience doing so
  • Worked out at the Noon class
  • I don’t follow “zone”, “keto”, or any other “diet plan” but abide by the “plate method” as best I can

Meal 1 – Breakfast 6am

4 eggs with some shredded pepper jack cheese

2 frozen waffles (365 whole foods brand) with a little butter and maple syrup

Morning vitamins (Thorne daily vitamin elite, Vit D, fish oil, probiotic)

Meal 2 – Morning Snack 10am


Probably a cup of orange juice, a cup of water, 40g vanilla whey protein, 1 serving MCT oil, handful of spinach, scoop of collagen protein

Meal 3 – Workout Related

40g BPN G1M (carbs, pre-workout 11:30am)

40g BPN Whey Protein (post workout 1:30pm)

Meal 4 – Late Lunch 3pm

Pork, rice, broccoli (leftovers/meal prep)

Perfect bar (high fat bar)


Meal 5 – Dinner 6pm

Chicken stir fry

Night vitamins (Thorne daily, fish oil)


General template I look for:

6-8oz protein per meal

40-60g carbs per meal

12-24g healthy fat per meal (not pre or post workout)

For the day, this puts me around:

3,000 calories

200g protein

200-300g carbs

100g fat

I also try to take down about 100oz of water+ with 1 packet of LMNT electrolytes throughout the day

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