Jump Ropes: Which is right for me, how do I size it, and how do I get better?

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ResoluteFIT has jump ropes that any member can use, but like the vehicle we choose to drive, jump ropes come in many different styles and brands, and different people prefer different styles for different reasons.

This blog will give an overview of the different kinds of ropes and how to size it for you!

First, how to size your jump rope.

Take your jump rope, and stand on the center of the cable with one foot.

Bring the handles up as high as they will go so the rope is straight.

For most people, you will want the handles to start just below your armpits.

The shorter the rope, the less room for error you have with your technique. So if you are just starting off, better to give yourself a little slack and dial in your form. Once your form is dialed, then try shortening the rope a little for a more efficient spin.

Second, which rope style is right for you?

There are a few main brands:


– These are the ropes we have here at the gym. Key features: thin rope, light handle

Rogue Froning Speed Rope

– One of the most popular ropes from Rogue Fitness. Key features: medium weight rope, medium weight handle. Great for beginners.

Rx Smart Gear

– Another popular option, totally different style than RPM. Key features: thick rope, thick handle. Easier to “feel” the spin of the rope.

Rogue Weighted Jump Rope

– Want to get MORE of a workout in while jumping rope to strengthen your wrist and forearms? Try this WEIGHTED rope!

Last but not least, how do you get better at jump rope?

Don’t rely on waiting to see it in a workout to practice! Be 5 minutes early to class, grab a rope, and get 2 minutes of jump rope practice in before each class. You need repetition and volume, and this is the only way to get it. If you want a dedicated coaches eye to help hone in some technique, you can book a skill session with a coach!

Key tips:

– Rope speed comes from wrists (not arms)

– Hands stay near pockets

– Shoulders relaxed

– Small and efficient jumps

– Big deep breaths as you jump. Stay relaxed!

– As you work on progressing from single unders to double unders, you’ll want to think about jumping higher and spinning the rope faster. As you learn to speed up the rope, you won’t need to jump as high down the road.

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