Healthy Summer Survival Tips

By Coach Linda

Can you believe it’s already the middle of summer? Actually it’s already the middle of 2022 ( well as of July 2nd it was). How many of us have  lost track of those health goals we set back in January or perhaps even in April at the start of spring, and now that we are in the thick of summertime and all the fun it has to offer, it’s very easy to lose sight of our health goals. Well, it’s definitely not too late, and let’s not put off to fall what we can do today, all while still enjoying our summer! Isn’t that what life should be about… integrating nutrition into your lifestyle, not changing your lifestyle to one of deprivation and denial. 

Here’s some tips to help you stay on track with your health goals and still enjoy! 

Take advantage of all the fresh produce our favorite local  farmers have been growing, and fill up ½ your plate with fresh veggies at lunch and dinner. You can eat them raw as salads, or  better yet throw veggies like asparagus, yellow squash,  zucchini,  peppers, really anything, on the grill and enjoy their amazing flavors! Add those fresh veggies in an omelette at breakfast time for bonus. Also, enjoy fresh berries on top of  oatmeal or with low-fat Greek yogurt, or blend those fruits and veggies in with your protein powder for a delicious smoothie! 

Speaking of grilling, grill everything! Nothing tastes better than when it’s cooked outside on the grill and it’s an excellent way to cook lean and healthy. 

Don’t forget to drink your water! We definitely need plenty of water to stay hydrated in the heat and humidity, and the goal is to get at least ½ of your body weight in ounces of water, but if you have not been on track with your water intake, then start with getting 60-80 ounces daily. A great way to do that is to have an 8 ounce glass first thing in the morning (before coffee!) and then have an 8 ounce glass with every meal and snack. Add lemon slices or cucumber and mint or fresh berries to your water to give it a delicious taste and try sipping from a straw… studies show we tend to consume more water that way. Remember to carry a water bottle everywhere! 

Keep a regular routine with your sleep and exercise. It’s tempting and very  easy to get off track with the longer, more relaxed days but if you start sleeping less because you’re staying up later, and you’re not scheduling in your  workout time, it will be a much harder adjustment come fall to get back into it when the days are getting short again. Remember changes in sleep and exercise definitely affect your body’s metabolism. If you’re feeling that you would rather be outside more, then go for bike rides or take a walk in a park or if you like to swim and have a pool, get in there and do laps. You can even take your workout routine outside! The goal is to keep active especially if your summer plans include barbecues and summer “treats”. Those things should definitely be part of summer and enjoyed, but remember, moderation is key! 

These are just a few general tips to help you stay on track, but if you are looking for more guidance and one on one accountability with navigating a healthy summer ( and beyond) , I’m here to help! Book a free nutrition info session today and let’s get you started on your health journey! 

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