Programming this month (September 2022) at RF!

Back Squats!

We just crushed a 1RM Back Squat on Aug. 29th and if you feel like you could’ve done more, don’t worry you’ll get your chance! There is going to be uptick in the amount of Back Squats we do over the course of the next couple of months. That means you will have an excellent opportunity to really see some gains! Back Squats are incredibly important for both raw strength in the lower body and for longevity purposes. Here are some tips/focuses to think about:

  • After taking the barbell off the rack, take a second to set yourself in good position. Rushing into your first rep won’t help you!
  • Focus on your body’s movement when doing your warmup sets. Going on autopilot and losing focus is a recipe for bad habits. Make sure each rep you do has purpose
  • Eyes on the horizon. Keep that head up and those eyes looking forward. This positions the body for a good Squat!


We’ve been doing a ton of longer workouts to help build a metabolic base, now we are going to see an uptick in interval training and shorter, more intense WODs. We want to build some speed and test where your top end is!

Zone 2!

The simplest way to approach Zone 2 is keeping a moderate heart rate for about 30-40 minutes, we can adjust things to help see some adaptations and increase in conditioning. Here are some ideas:

  • Change machines! I get it, we all have our favorite cardio machine, but changing it up will make you a better overall athlete. Each machine has a unique stimulus and activates different parts of the body, so vary it up!
  • Create some slightly different intervals for yourself. Give this a try! 5:00 with a moderately increased heart rate (compared to Z2) and then dial it back for 5:00 to help recover. Test out different paces so that you can understand yourself as an athlete!

That’s the game plan for this month at RF! If you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email ( and we can discuss things!



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