Big News – ResoluteFIT Returns To CrossFit Affiliation!


In 2013,

I opened CrossFit Simsbury after leaving the Navy. This is where I learned about CrossFit during my SEAL training and have been doing it ever since. I wanted to bring this style of training back to the Farmington Valley to help empower the people of this community to live their best lives.

Everything was awesome, until it wasn’t. 

As if 2020 and COVID were not enough for the gym industry, the former CEO of CrossFit made remarks that clashed with our values, resulting in us [and many other affiliates] disaffiliating from the brand. Within 48 hours, we dropped CrossFit affiliation and rebranded our 7-year-old business as ResoluteFIT. At the same time, we were in the long process of buying a building, renovating it, and moving locations. 

In the fall of 2021, we moved to Granby.  While the new building and workouts have been great, we’ve felt like something has been missing. After many deep conversations, we’ve made the decision to re-affiliate to CrossFit! 


CrossFit is about more than constantly varied, functional movements, at relative high intensity. After 7 years as an affiliate, and 2 years on our own, here’s what I know: CrossFit is about hard work. It’s about effort. It’s about trying new things, getting out of your comfort zone, and trying to become a well-rounded person so you can get the most out of life. CrossFitters are also some of the nicest, down-to-earth, humble folk; they’ll give you the shirt off their back.

Being a part of CrossFit is an amplifier; taking the out-of-shape beginner and giving them just a little bit more confidence, motivating them to give that extra effort, and ultimately, helping them find a little bit more happiness. It gives the member who has been doing it for 9 months, the courage to “drop-in” to another CrossFit affiliate and enjoy their fitness while traveling. And it helps the member who has been doing it for years get off their blood pressure medication, or squat twice their body weight. Incredible stuff! Being a CrossFit affiliate is about the intangibles. It’s hard to describe until you experience it, and we’re excited to be bringing it back to ResoluteFIT.

If you’re curious about …

whether this means there will be a lot of change in the gym….rest assured, you have nothing to worry about. We will still create our own workouts, modify for all levels of athleticism and around injuries, and continue to value coaching over cheerleading. Our Coaches will be the same and have the same required level of training. Our facility will be the same. We will still be ResoluteFIT. Only from this point forward, we will be ResoluteFIT: Home of CrossFit Frogman. 


is an old colloquial term for a Navy SEAL. Our unmatched ability to work in both land and sea defined us. It is also synonymous with hard work, high standards, humility, humor, grit, and resilience; all of which complement our values at ResoluteFIT – hard work, positivity, and excellence. On a personal level, bringing a piece of my history as a SEAL into the community myself, and many others, have worked hard to build over the past 9 years, simply feels right. 

Ultimately, identifying as a part of the CrossFit community is something you can feel proud of, and we are feeling really good about being back. The past nine years have been a wild ride, and we are excited about this next chapter. 


2013 CrossFit Simsbury Opens

2020 CrossFit Simsbury de-affiliates from CrossFit, rebrands to ResoluteFIT & moves to Granby

2022 Return to CrossFit affiliation – ResoluteFIT: Home of CrossFit Frogman

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