5 Ways The Sauna Improves Your Health


Worth noting, infrared saunas are different than traditional saunas. Traditional saunas increase the air in the room, while infrared saunas increase your body temperature directly. This is why infrared saunas operate at a lower temperature than traditional saunas and are more tolerated by individuals.

It reduces the likelihood of getting colds and flus

Perfect timing as we enter the fall and early winter season here in Connecticut!

In addition to eating healthy, prioritizing fitness, getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and being hydrated … regular sauna use has been shown to reduce the likelihood of getting colds and flus by almost 50%


It reduces stress and improves relaxation

Stress is caused by more than just a bad boss or tight finances – environmental pollutants, toxic personal care products and processed foods can all cause huge stress responses in the body.

Enter [science] heat shock proteins! These guys are used by cells to counteract harmful stressors in all areas of your life. Research studies have shown that sauna sessions can increases the production of heat shock proteins, which helps counteract stress!

On a unscientific note, just being in the sauna improves relaxation. Turn the lights off, throw on your favorite music or audiobook on the Bluetooth speakers, and just zone out! You are guaranteed to come out feeling less stressed 🙂


Recover better from workouts

During the summer months, we often encourage members to go outside for a walk after a workout. This promotes continued circulation after the workout has ended. The more you can get increased circulation, the more fresh nutrients can be delivered to your muscles. Sitting in the sauna increases circulation, thus helping muscles to recover better from the workout!


Weight loss

The heat from the sauna causes your heart rate to increase, in a similar fashion to low-moderate level workouts. Don’t expect a ResoluteFIT style out-of-breath workout, but instead a slow gradual increase in your heart rate while you sweat it out.

This can result in up to 600 calories burned, which when combined with proper nutrition and a good workout program can speed up weight loss!

Improved skin

Similar to weight loss, with the heat comes an increase in heart rate. With your heart beating faster and your body trying to cool itself down, it pushes blood to your peripheries. This increased circulation brings fresh nutrients to the extremities which helps increase cell health. And of course, the sweating helps push out toxins and waste through your pores!

How To Book A Session

Members can buy a session for $20 (1hr) at this link

You can also get UNLIMITED Recovery Room for $50. Email frontdesk@weareresolutefit.com or talk to a Coach in class for that.

To book the time slot, use your Wodify app after getting a membership, go to the calendar icon at the bottom, then hit “appointments” up top, and then follow the prompts to book your time!

Best Practice

Best practice is to pre-heat the sauna for 15 minutes before entering, or even longer. If you are doing class or a personal training session you can start the sauna before starting your workout, then when you are done, cleanup and go hop in the sauna! Just remember to sit on your towel 🙂

The sauna session is technically 60 minutes. Some will want to be in the sauna for 20 minutes at peak temperature with others staying in for 45. Everyone is different with the heat tolerance. Just listen to your body and get out if you feel light headed or dizzy. And be sure to increase your hydration around your session and use electrolytes!

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