5 tips to help improve your Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are one of the biggest goals most people strive for. It is a great expression of overall strength and skill! With that in mind here are 5 tips to help you get to that first Pull-Up or get stronger than you already are!

  1. Warm up properly: Before attempting pull-ups, it’s important to warm up to reduce the risk of injury, especially if you are doing these regularly. Do a few light sets of arm and back exercises such as bent over rows, ring rows or bicep curls. Also take time building up to more challenging sets, use the same structure you would use if you were lifting heavy!
  • Use proper form: Good form is essential for getting the most out of your pull-ups. Keep your core tight, avoid swinging, and focus on pulling your shoulder blades down and back as you lift your body up. You can also think about pulling the pull-up bar down to increase lat activation.
  • Focus on grip strength: A strong grip is critical for successful pull-ups, so be sure to include grip-specific exercises, such as wrist curls, farmer’s walks and dead hangs from the pull-up bar
  • Use assisted pull-ups: If you’re struggling to complete full pull-ups, try using an assisted pull-up with bands to help you with the movement. As you get stronger, gradually decrease the assistance until you’re able to complete full pull-ups on your own.
  • Incorporate other exercises: Pull-ups work multiple muscle groups, so incorporating other exercises, such as rows, chin-ups, and lat pull-downs, can help you build the strength and stability needed for successful pull-ups.

Bonus Tip: One of the best Pull-Up routines I’ve used in the past is doing 4 sets of 20 Pull-Ups. You may need to use a band, but that’s okay! The large amount of volume will really help to build muscle in grip, lats and biceps!

In conclusion, by warming up properly, using proper form, focusing on grip strength, using assisted pull-ups, and incorporating other exercises, you can improve your pull-up performance and reach your fitness goals. Good Luck!



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