The Other 23 Challenge

The details for the fall wellness challenge are here!  Super excited about this, we’ve never done anything like it before. 

We’re calling it “The Other 23 Challenge”

The premise being that you spend 1 hour here at the gym per day working out, so this will focus specifically on … the other 23 hours.  This is where the bulk of your gains can come from, because you all already work so hard in the gym! 








This bad boy is 4 weeks long, and each week we will have 4 mini-courses, for a total of 16 topics to learn from!

The mini-course will be presented by a coach on a private FB group (videos will be saved and sent if you aren’t on FB). 

The mini-course will be roughly 10 minutes, followed by a live Q&A.

Here are the topics with the coach to be presenting it:

Rob – Mondays

Mindset and Healthy Life Hacking

Week 1 Topic – “The Story We Tell Ourselves” and “Improving Your Self-Talk”

Week 2 Topic –  “Fixing Your Circadian Rhythm” and “Learning To Properly Breathe”

Week 3 Topic – “Goal Setting For Life with The 6 F’s” and “Gut-Brain Connection Optimization”

Week 4 Topic – “Why Bright Spots” and “Optimizing Hormones with Bluelight and Sunlight”

Denise – Tuesdays


Week 1 Topic – Organize your meals with the plate method

Week 2 Topic – Grocery shopping & meal prep 101

Week 3 Topic – Proper pre & post workout nutrition 

Week 4 Topic – Creating balanced snacks

Brittany – Wednesdays

Recovery & Performance

Week 1 Topic – Sauna and its physical/mental benefits

Week 2 Topic – Cold Plunge and its physical/mental benefits

Week 3 Topic – Importance of muscle activation Pre-Wod

Week 4 Topic – Importance of Cool-Down/Stretching Post-Wod

Nick – Thursdays


Week 1 Topic – The big picture: importance of sleep for performance and recovery

Week 2 Topic – Chronotype identification

Week 3 Topic – Quality versus quantity

Week 4 Topic – Building and stacking healthy sleep habits/behaviors

Last but not least, we are currently building out trackers so you can take action from our mini-courses and even win some prizes!

I think this will without a doubt be one of the best challenges we’ve ever done.  There is so much knowledge about to be dropped on The Other 23 that the impact on your lives will be dramatic.

The signup link is below.  THIS IS A MEMBERS-ONLY BENEFIT.

The early-bird price is $99 and goes up to $119 on Oct 1.

The challenge starts October 17



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