The Great Supplement Switchup


Currently, ResoluteFIT carries SFH, Ascent, Thorne, FitAid, Fuel For Fire, and LMNT for our supplement lineup.

Every brand brings their own benefit with unique products, with minor overlap. Specifically, the overlap comes in the protein department.

Coming soon, we are switching things up.

Ascent and SFH will be going away. FitAid, Thorne, Fuel For Fire, and LMNT will be staying.

BPN will be coming in, with a TON of new protein flavors as well as some other popular supplements that we believe to be beneficial and a big add to our lineup!

We will debut these products at the first RF Open Friday Night Lights, February 25th, with taste testing of some of the products!

First, before I get into the new flavors and products, a quick background.

Like all amazing things, I found BPN on YouTube. I now follow the owner Nick Bare on his channel as he documents his fitness and business pursuits.

He started this company roughly 10 years ago, while as an Army ROTC Officer majoring in nutrition. Throughout his Army career his continued to grow BPN, and when he got out of the Army it was his full time commitment. He has since grown BPN to be an industry leader.

His products are Informed Sports Tested and Certified, meaning it is guaranteed to be free of illegal substances (it’s been known to happen in the supplement industry unfortunately). His protein products also go through additional testing – Informed Protein Tested and Certified – meaning if it says there’s 25g of protein in a scoop, that there is actually 25g of protein in that scoop. Again, unfortunately the supplement industry has a bad name here in that some protein companies faked the amino acid profiles in the protein to make it look like it had 25g, when in reality, it did not.

As an athlete, Nick continues to lead the way as a “hybrid athlete” who has deadlifted over 700lbs and recently ran a 100 mile ultramarathon.

I encourage you to learn more about BPN on their site, here. They carry a robust lineup of products at competitive prices. For example, the 2lb protein is $40. The prices at RF are the suggested MSRP.

As far as what we will be carrying, here is what came in the initial order:

Whey Protein

(great for immediately post workout to feed your muscles)

Cinnamon Roll

Blueberry Muffin

Fruity Cereal

Milk N Cookies

Nutter Bar Blast

Apple Pie

Vanilla (coming soon)

Chocolate (coming soon)

Chocolate Peanut Butter (coming soon)

Vegan (coming soon)


(pre-workout to get the mind & muscles awake before training. Contains caffeine)

Blue Raspberry

Sour Watermelon

Pink Lemonade


(improve blood flow, oxygen delivery and muscle contractions during your training sessions. Caffeine and stimulant free)

Blue Raspberry

Blackberry Lemonade

Sour Watermelon

Collagen Protein

(improves your hair, skin, nails and joints. It is the most abundant protein in the body and serves as a building block for connective tissue)

Unflavored. Mix with other protein, coffee, or smoothies.

Strong Greens

(superfood greens powder created to improve your digestion, support your immune system and increase natural energy)


Pineapple Coconut

Strong Reds

(superfood reds powder that is packed with fruit extracts, antioxidants and digestive enzymes to boost your immune system, improve natural energy, increase nutrient absorption and optimize cellular activity)



(cognitive enhancer created to improve your focus and mood, while boosting your energy levels)

Lemon Lime

Raspberry Lemonade


(high-quality carbohydrates and electrolytes to help fuel, hydrate, and improve your performance during training sessions. Fuel smarter, train harder and recover more effectively)

Fruit Punch

Lemon Lime


(branched-chain amino acid supplement formulated to increase muscular endurance during your training and support recovery after. It contains 8 grams of BCAA’s per serving with additional ingredients for optimal intra-workout performance)



Blackberry Lime

Field Bars

(functional, on-the-go nutrition bar, made with simple ingredients to fuel your day)

Coming soon

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