Mindset: How To Improve Your Workouts With Just Your Thoughts

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3-2-1 … TIME!

The Coach calls the workout to an end.

What are the thoughts running through your head?

Some may even verbalize them to the Coach or others in class, but they typically sound like this:

“Wow that was amazing”

“I should have gone faster”

“I’m dying”

“I should have gone unbroken”

“I crushed that workout”

“I scaled it”

“I should have gone heavier”

“That was tough but I’m getting better”

“Bill skipped reps, there’s no way he beat me”

“I worked hard today. Next time I will try to even go a little faster!”

As Coaches, we hear it all. The positive, the negative, and the indifferent.

Let me tell you, those that have positive self talk get better results and have more fun in the process.

Positive self talk:

  • Rewards yourself for the things that went right
  • Teaches growth for things that could be better
  • Creates a positive feedback loop for continued results

Meanwhile, negative self talk:

  • Degrades your effort
  • Pushes away positive members
  • Creates a negative feedback loop that will eventual lead to quitting or injury

We all feel the same after a workout.

It does not matter if you are brand new to ResoluteFIT or have been here for seven years. That post-workout feeling is the same.

But the thoughts in your head, that is completely in your control.

Next time you workout, pay attention to that voice. Is it positive or negative?

If you find yourself being negative and saying things like “I should have _____” swap it out for “Next time I will ________”.

Intentions matter. Thoughts matter. The glass is always half full 🙂

Working on your mindset will help you become more:

Present. Positive. Productive

—> Ultimately, this is how we increase our peace of mind, and get better results in the gym and in life!

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