Mastering Meal Prep: Simplify Your Nutrition for Better Health and Fitness


Want to be better at CrossFit?

Want to torch some fat?

Want to build some muscle?

Want to feel better?

Want to improve your longevity outlook?

Nutrition solves all of these problems.

This blog will go over how to improve your nutrition by meal prepping!

To Start …

We’ve all heard the saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”

When it comes to your nutrition – this couldn’t be more true!

Meal prep is an essential component of good nutrition.

Without it, we’re likely to make less-than-ideal choices, grab what’s easy or skip meals/snacks all together.

When that happens, it’s less likely you’ll lose those pounds you’re looking for or to gain that muscle your trying to build.

So, how can you incorporate meal prep into your routine, without spending an entire day in the kitchen? I’m going to give you a few helpful ways to simplify, and make your meal prep more efficient!

Identify your staples.

Pick one breakfast that you don’t mind repeating for a few days, and then two protein options you can use for lunch and dinner.

Examples: overnight oats, pulled chicken, and meatloaf muffins.

This is a great resource for healthy recipes by the way:


Identify your sides.

Pick your veggies and a starch.

Keep it simple here!

Use the bagged salad mixes, frozen veggies or even sliced raw veggies. As for a starch; sweet potatoes/rice/quinoa are all easy to batch prepare.

Make your list for the grocery store & double check your pantry.

Nothing worse than missing an item you need!

Also, don’t forget about sweet new technology aides, such as ordering ahead and getting curbside pickup (huge time saver!) or doing InstaCart and having them shop and deliver for you!

Schedule 60-90 minutes of time (following your grocery shop) to meal prep.

That’s all you need!

Consider recipes that you can make simultaneously, and use tools like your Instant Pot or Crock Pot!

Most do this on Sundays to get ready for the week.

Pack ’em Up!

Portion lunches or dinners into 3-compartment containers so that you can grab & go during the week! This extra step (which takes all of 5-10 minutes) takes one more hurdle out of the equation on a busy day.

There’s nothing simpler on a weekday than grabbing a prepared meal out of the fridge!

If you are looking to gain confidence in meal planning and prepping to hit your short and long term health and wellness goals, be sure to schedule a Free Nutrition Intro below. Your Nutrition Coach can help!


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