Consistency Is Key!

I recently read a friend’s social media post talking about how the change you want in your life is a boulder, sitting on top of a mountain, and all you need is a shovel, a little bit of leverage, and momentum will take care of the rest. He went on to mention how momentum is integral to positive change in life, and that it starts with one win.

For most, positive change comes from weight loss/improved nutrition. Once motivated to create change, people will turn to diets. Unfortunately, diets don’t work long term. In fact, ⅔ of people will regain more weight than they lost. This is usually because they are following a diet instead of building a solid foundation of healthy habits.


The average person will try 8 diets before turning to a coach. The following are mistakes they have all made and why your diet is failing or will fail you.

  • Too restrictive – If I tell you that you can’t have something, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Why not and how can I get/have it.
  • Inconsistency – Being super restrictive and/or good during the week and then “letting it rip” on the weekends will only unravel all of the work you did during the week. To move the needle forward, you must consistently implement healthy habits.
  • You aren’t eating enough! When you don’t eat enough, you slow down your metabolism.

Remember, one win is needed to create momentum for positive change. In this case, that win is a simple action step (i.e. reducing consumption of processed foods, incorporating a half plate of non-starchy veggies during meals or creating a well balanced plate), and the momentum is consistency. A consistent focus and approach on simple action steps, creates healthy habits, which then start stacking on each other to creative the positive, long term change.


As you look for change in your nutrition in 2022, strive for consistency in healthy habits rather than a diet. If this is something you have or might struggle with, we’re happy to help! Learn more about our upcoming ResoluteRESET HERE!

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