4 Tips to Increase Water Intake This Summer

By Coach Brielle

When we think about fitness, we tend to think about more than just getting a workout in.

We also think about the things around fitness that are also important, like nutrition, stretching, sleep, and water intake.

Any fitness guru will preach that you need to drink A LOT of water. It’s critical to performance and overall hydration.

Some will say that you need to drink a gallon a day, despite your body weight, and others will recommend sticking to 8-10 glasses.

Nonetheless, it’s vital that your hydration game is on point if you’re consistently training or to stay healthy!

Did you know that dehydration can decrease performance up to 20%?

Water is vital for metabolic functions including:

  • Lubrication for our joints
  • Body temperature regulation
  • Assisting with digestion and metabolism
  • Helps us remove waste

Now that it’s approaching summer and with that, higher temperatures, the need for proper hydration is even greater.

Let’s talk 4 helpful ways to increase your water intake this summer!

Tip #1: Bring your water bottle with you!

Seems simple, but many people forget to do this! Don’t assume where you’re going has water. Always pack a full water bottle!

Tips #2: Drink with a straw!

Did you know drinking from a straw makes drinking water THAT much more fun?! Less mess and it’s more enjoyable. Talk about a win-win.

Tip #3: Drink water with a habit that you already are doing every day like pairing it with meals and snacks.

Before you sit to eat, always bring a glass of water, even if you have another beverage on the table at home or a restaurant, do not go without it!

Tip #4: Up your hydration with fruit and veggies!

An easy and simple way to increase you overall hydration is to get it from liquids AND food! Most people find themselves eating more fruit in the summer (hopefully) or fresh veggies, so be sure to have a serving on each plate or as a snack!

Staying hydrated is one step towards optimal health!

If you are looking for guidance on how to become your healthiest self, I would love to help you!  

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