4 Tips to improve your Snatch!

The Snatch is one of the most difficult lifts to master. Check out these tips below to find improvement, and remember to have fun 🙂 – Head Coach Nick

#1 Practice, practice, practice

Repetition is key in developing good movement patterns and creating “muscle memory”. Try doing some quick 15-20 minute EMOMs focusing on perfect Snatch form at light weight. This will give you a chance to think about and execute Snatches, thus creating better habits!

#2 Warm-up and activate

Use accessory work to get the body primed for the different parts of the Snatch. Crossover Symmetry or Bench Shoulder Health exercises get the shoulders ready. Ring Rows and Lat Pull Downs will help keep the barb close and toss him some light Overhead Squats and Snatch Grip Deadlifts to get the legs loose!

#3 Break it down

When certain parts of your Snatch don’t seem to feel great, then you need to perform movements that assist in fixing it. Struggling to get under the bar fast? Add in some Drop Snatches! Not enough power off the floor? Toss in some Snatch Pulls! There is always an effective way to improve each segment of this move!

#4 Enjoy the journey

Remember that fitness is a lifelong pursuit and the Snatch is no exception. Make sure to practice, warm-up and cooldown effectively. You should never force heavy weight, if you are truly making every rep great then the heavy stuff will happen naturally.



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