3 Things You’re Doing On The Weekends That Are Sabotaging Your Goals

You’re getting your workouts in, you’re mindful of what you’re eating…you’re even meal prepping! But…you feel like you’re not getting any closer to your goals.

You’re frustrated – and understandably so.

Let’s talk about the 3 things you’re doing on the weekends that are sabotaging your goals.

Cheat Days

“I stay on track during the week, and eat whatever I want on the weekends.”


I hate to say it-but this method isn’t going to work, regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight or improve your performance and put on mass.

With the weekend making up about 43% of the week, treating each Friday/Saturday/Sunday as if it’s vacation is a surefire way to halt your weight loss-or cause weight gain-and make it difficult to see improvements in the gym.

Instead of having “cheat days”…mindfully choose to enjoy a treat, and then move on.

One meal or snack that’s outside of your norm doesn’t need to result in a two or three day bender of over indulgence. Remember – it takes ONE meal or snack to get right back on track.

Skipping Meals and Snacks

You might be go-go-go on the weekends and realize you haven’t eaten since breakfast 8 hours ago.

What happens? You go to town on whatever you can get your hands on-because you’re starving!

Instead-we want to eat something every few hours and keep blood sugar levels stable. This keeps energy levels up, helps to prevent overeating at meals, and ensures that you’re getting adequate nutrition in throughout the day!

Failing To Plan

You know the saying – fail to plan, plan to fail.

You may be crushing your meal prep during the week-but have you given any thought to what meals and snacks on the weekends will look like?

The old “I’ll figure it out as I go” route rarely works.

Keep it simple-if you’re not up for meal prepping for your weekend, get a rotisserie chicken and use it for a quick meal or two. Have cold cuts on hand so you can make a sandwich. Keep tuna fish in the pantry.

When I’m meal prepping, I love to double up on recipes and pop half into the freezer. I can pull this out toward the end of the week and boom-lunches for the weekend are taken care of. Think about what you need to have on hand to be successful, and make it happen.

You do not have to be perfect with your nutrition to see progress.

You do, however, need to be consistent.

If your weekdays and weekend days are in stark contrast with each other, this is where you’ve got to do some work. What’s one things you can do this weekend that will support you in reaching your goals?

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