What Is Your Coachability Score?

Every level of athlete can (and should) have a coach.

Kindergarteners playing soccer have a coach.

High schoolers playing varsity soccer have a coach.

Professional soccer players earning a living playing soccer have a coach.

Besides hard work and maybe raw innate talent, what makes a player succeed?

I would argue how coachable they are.

If their coach tells them something, do they do it? Do they do it right away with a positive attitude? Do they do it but with a negative attitude? Or do they ignore the advice altogether?

In these scenarios it’s easy to see that being coachable leads to greater success.

Now let’s bring it back to ResoluteFIT.

How coachable are you in class or in your personal training session?

As coaches our job is to make you better. It’s to see the things that you cannot see yourself. It is to have both a mile-high view of you as an person and a zoomed in microscope to your technique on your squat. Our job is to help you today in this workout and also over the following months and years to keep you progressing in your health, wellness, and fitness. It’s also why you pay significantly more than going to Planet Fitness and doing it solo.

To help you know how coachable you are, here is a little quiz.

Rate yourself honestly where you fall on this gradient.

Before the Workout

1 – I have a workout plan in my head before coming in

2 – I listen to the coach brief the workout then make a plan myself

3 – I listen to the coach brief the workout then ask them what I should do

During the Workout

1 – I’m in the zone and don’t hear the coach

2 – I listen to the coach as long as it doesn’t slow down my workout

3 – I stop my workout and listen to the coach, then continue with their suggestions at the front of my mind

After the Workout

1 – I clean up and take off

2 – I get feedback from the coach on my workout but never make significant changes based on this feedback

3 – I get feedback from the coach on my workout and actively work to implement the suggestions they made


3-5 You would get better results in the gym by improving your coachability

6-8 You get some good results, but there is room to improve

9-10 You are making great use of the Coaches! Keep it up!

As adults, most of us have not been coached in a long time. We may not realize how much we can take advantage of the coaches or what bad habits we have ingrained in us from our professional work environment. Use this time to do a quick self assessment.

In closing, I want to present you with a quick story and a challenge.

“An athlete is going for a hike and slips and falls off the edge of a cliff. On his way down, he manages to grab onto the end of a vine. He’s hanging there, a thousand feet from the top and a thousand feet from the bottom. His situation seems hopeless, so he looks up to the clouds, and decides, for the first time, to pray. “Is anybody up there?” he asks. After a long silence, a deep voice bellows down from the clouds. “Do you believe?” “Yes”, replies the athlete. “Then let go of the vine” says the voice. The athlete pauses for a second, looks up again, and finally responds “Is there anybody else up there?”

Most athletes are unable to reach the next level of fitness because they are simply not ready to let go of the vine. They are not truly willing to embrace what their coach is telling them. It could be hard or uncomfortable. The coach may tell you to use less weight than you normally do, but they are telling you to do so in order to fix a flaw that they are seeing. Then, once the flaw is fixed, you can increase the weight, and even surpass what you were previously doing. It’s all about the long game. There can be no ego’s here.

So I challenge you … for an entire month, let the coach tell you what to do in the workout. Let them decide what size KB to use, how far to run, and times you should be aiming for. Have faith in your coach to improve your fitness, for they see both your technique in the moment and your overall progression from health to wellness to fitness.



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