Starting a Fitness Journey

By Coach Brielle

So, you’ve taken the leap! You want to become fit and most likely, you want to be healthier in the process.

Congratulations. That is the very first step.

It’s the mindset piece; asking yourself WHY you want to start a fitness journey and getting very honest about what you have done in the past, what you are currently doing (or not doing) and what you’d like to do moving forward.

As a coach, I always ask people who are starting to be really honest about what they can commit to.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the romantic notion of sport movies or Instagram videos of people training hard and think, “…well if just commit 7x a week, 2 hours at the gym then I will be THAT.”

But you have to meet yourself where you are at.

If you are just getting back into it after years of time off, give yourself some grace. Allow your life and that comes with it to adjust to this new routine.

Keep in mind that you can achieve great things but it’s about being REAL on how to get there and when.

That might look like starting 2-3x a week doing 20-30 mins workouts until you can build up!

Whatever it looks like in the beginning does not mean that it will be mirrored later. You will get better.

But you must start!

We know great things take time – especially an effective and thought out fitness journey!

So, get your mind right on where you are today and what you’d like to achieve tomorrow…and give yourself the grace to get there.

The ones who are most honest about this journey will see it through than those who set unrealistic expectations.

That’s not just with fitness, that can be said about many experiences in life!

And while we are here, take a second to be proud of yourself for wanting more.

No matter your level of abilities or how far you feel from being “in shape”, you decided to make yourself, your mind, and your body a priority.

When you invest in your health and wellness, it triples in return.

Don’t forget that and keep going!

If you need help setting goals or knowing how and when to start, meet with a coach 1:1! We are passionate about getting you to where you want to be!



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