Meal Prep For Busy People!

Ah, meal prepping – if we haven’t heard about from a family member on a health kick, we certainly have seen it all over social media – including the “101 recipes for your Sunday meal prep!” posts on Pinterest.

What’s all the buzz about?

The reason people are obsessed with meal prepping is because it makes food simple and quick throughout the week. You pick a protein, a starchy carb, and a bunch of veggies and bam! You’re all set.

Well, it all depends on how you meal prep and your individual portions/needs, but many will fall in line with the “macro-friendly” plate method. It keeps nutrition straightforward. However, I will say you have to get clear on a grocery list beforehand and reserve a few hours on the weekend to prep everything. But the time and effort will pay off when crack open that Tupperware container and quickly eat.

As a person who has done this and who has coached others on it, here are my best 3 tips to help you get going on meal prepping!

Tip #1: Buy the containers!

Whether you are for or against the use of plastic, there are several different types of containers that make meal prep easy. You can even find glass ones! Buying containers designated for meal prepping with compartments is super helpful.

Tip #2: Use frozen vegetables!

I’m a busy mom and sometimes buying fresh veggies doesn’t make life any easier for me – the cleaning, prep, and cutting of each individual veggie just adds more time than I’d like some days. So, I get big bags of frozen veg that end up lasting much longer than the fresh does anyway. I stick with broccoli, spinach, edamame, green beans, and so many more! Many of the frozen veggies are cleaned, cut, and even seasoned! I would be cautious to look at what is added if its more than olive oil and a few low sodium seasonings; always read the labels!

Tip #3: Find new ways to spice up your protein!

Stick with the proteins you like and find ways to add different spices and flavors! I do enjoy going to Pinterest or the famous food accounts on Instagram for this. One of our staples is salmon; so, we like to make it fun week to week since it is likely on the meal plan. One week we may do a curry-style, another would be oriental-inspired, then we might keep it simple with some fresh lemon, olive oil, and pepper. The point is to mix up the flavors on similar proteins to keep it fresh! This will also allow you to know what your grocery bill will be about each month as you would have about the same items each week! Not to mention the added stress of finding new recipes and ingredients, so spice up those same proteins!

If you’re not sure where to start, schedule a Free Nutrition Intro with an RF Nutrition Coach and we’ll work together on a plan that works for YOU!



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