EMOMs, AMRAPs and Rounds!

Often in workouts we use different terms and styles of workouts to promote fitness. Each one has a unique approach and also a specific objective involved. Below we will go over the most common styles of workouts and how they help your fitness!

EMOMs (Every minute on the minute):

  • #1: You can use EMOMs as a way to develop skills. Try using some of the minutes and do max reps of a move you are trying to work on. The beauty is that once the minute is up, you can move onto something else, so you don’t get stuck doing the same thing forever.

  • #2: They are a great way to push past limits. If you are accustomed to doing ~15 calories in a minute, EMOMs are great to get you just barely outside of the comfort zone. You could try to get 16 or 17, which is reasonable and promotes gainz!

  • #3: The mental grind you can create during a 25-30 minute EMOM is incredible. The minute intervals force you to keep going rather than take longer breaks. Mental grit is useful in all aspects of life and EMOMs help get you there!

AMRAPs (As many reps or rounds as possible):

  • #1: AMRAPs are fantastic in a time crunch. It is easy to throw together a quick 12-15 minute AMRAP and know that it will be done in exactly that amount of time. They are simple, yet effective!

  • #2: These can really help to understand pacing. Doing various times on AMRAPs can help you develop a sense of how fast to go when a workout is going to be 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

  • #3: They can help pinpoint weaknesses in your fitness. Because you are required to do the same work over and over again, you may start to see that certain moves slow you down. This gives great insight on what to work on in some of your free time!

Rounds for Time:

  • #1: Doing multiple rounds of a collection of moves can be great for understanding what you are capable of. Knowing how long a round of rowing, pull-ups and push-ups take can help you to create better pacing from the start.

  • #2: Being able to look at a round of movements and know the timing of it can help stop you from going out too hot! This is a common mistake in workouts and being able to overcome this is crucial for long term gainz!

  • #3: Mental tenacity: Your workout will only stop once you have finished all the work, that means that if you want it to be done, you have to be willing to go faster! This helps you to push harder at the end, reduce transition times between moves and give you the chance to show you are capable of more than you thought!

Hopefully this gives you some insight on why you may be doing the workout that you’re doing! Keep getting that fitness J



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