Coaching: Not a job, but A PASSION.

By Coach Brittany I feel that being a part of a sports team my whole life has shaped me into the person I am today. I was faced with many obstacles, highs, and lows, and I believe that every experience has helped me grow into the coach and person I

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How to Properly Fuel Your Workout

As coaches, we routinely hear athletes ask about the right things to eat before and after working out. In addition, we will often see athletes struggle through a workout or burn out because they haven’t eaten anything before their workout. We realize athletes have busy schedules, and early morning workouts

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Self Care Is a Need, Not A Want

If anything these past two years have taught us, it’s how quickly life can change completely from everything that we once took for granted, to learning to take care of ourselves and to prioritize what really matters. As we head into 2022 (how is that possible?!?), we are definitely getting

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How To Do The Workout “Murph”

This Friday, May 26, we’ll be doing the hero workout “Murph” in the afternoon. Whether this is your very first Murph or your 10th, it


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