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The Importance of a Nutrition Coach

I think it’s safe to say that nutrition is far from simple. We as humans know that we need to eat but the question always circles back to what to eat. There is information everywhere on the news; amazing diets “guaranteed” to help a person lose weight and feel better

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Ditch The Diet Mindset

I think one of the most common questions I get asked as a nutrition coach is about what I eat…as if I hold the secret key to health and success. To be honest, what I eat is what is good for my body, but also what I like to eat

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Lifters! To wear, or not to wear…

By Coach Nick This is one of the most common questions I’m asked when coaching, “should I wear lifters today?”. It’s a reasonable question, seeing as we are constantly doing different movements and combinations of them. Here are some do’s and don’ts: Do: Wear them when lifting for heavy weight:

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Traprock 50k 2022 Ultramarathon Review

Overview On Saturday April 16, 2022 I ran the Traprock 50k (32 mile) Ultramarathon. This race is located in Penwood State Forest, split between Simsbury and Bloomfield. Why I signed up for the race in January as a way to help keep me motivated to run over the winter. Traditionally

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Tips To Help Improve Your Run Technique This Spring

While running is an amazing way to stay fit and is a part of many workouts during the warmer months at ResoluteFIT, it is also an activity which can unfortunately come with injuries. These injuries are typically a result of one of two things: overtraining or poor technique. A simple

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The Importance of Mobility Work

By Coach Brielle If you work out consistently, then you have definitely heard the term “mobility” thrown around. But what does that really mean? And… why is it so important? It’s pretty clear that exercise and being active is not only good for your heart, your overall health and well-being,

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Starting a Fitness Journey

By Coach Brielle So, you’ve taken the leap! You want to become fit and most likely, you want to be healthier in the process. Congratulations. That is the very first step. It’s the mindset piece; asking yourself WHY you want to start a fitness journey and getting very honest about

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An Argument For NOT Scoring Your Workout

Functional fitness was revolutionary in that you can do workouts that produce a “score”. Do a workout with certain movements, repetitions, and weights and it is done to a certain standard. Your score is typically your time that you completed it in, similar to running a 5k, it’s a set

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How to Meal Plan and Prep Like a Pro

Does meal planning and prep feel like another thing on your weekly to do list that you just don’t have time for? I can totally relate! We all have busy schedules packed with work, childcare, activities and family obligations just to name a few, and the idea of adding one

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When You’re Caught in a Nutrition Slump: 4 Tips to Help

By Coach Brielle Life has its way of making important things, like nutrition, feel low on the list of priorities when other things pop up and make our week hectic. Crazy work schedules, family chaos, and more. Sometimes it feels easier just to get the convenient food options at the

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